Evil Square Boy
Gender Male
Age 16
Species Square
Occupation Adventurer
Relatives Ugly Square Guy (brother), Momma Square (mother), SquareBoy (cousin)
Introduced In "USG and ESB"
Voiced by TBA
Evil (later changed to Extreme) Square Boy (ESB) is one of the main characters in USG and ESB Adventures.


ESB is a green rectangular creature with two buck teeth, one of which is overly long, an orange baseball cap with his initials on it, and a happy expression. His arms and legs are small and stick-like, and he is somewhat short. He is bald under his hat.


ESB is completely the opposite of his brother, USG. He is always happy, is obsessed with video games, and extremely energetic. His best friends are HatBoy and BB and Tnee, the baby mice, and he is often found causing mischief with them. He doesn't really like fighting, and he would much rather play his Wuu!. He is extremely nice compared to the grumpy USG.


  • ESB was made in 5th grade. He was originally an antagonist.
  • ESB, along with USG, HatBoy, Sam and the mice, are the only characters to appear in all four sagas.