Island Crap is the second episode in The Lost Saga.



USG, ESB and Tony are lost in the middle of the island. They split up, with ESB and Tony going to look for the Nugget, while USG goes to find the hats and mice. ESB and Tony see a suspicious bush, which Chuck and Hoodums, Virnax' henchmen, pop out of, leading the two to run away, but not before finding HatBoy and Tammi in a bush. They let them free, and HatBoy tells them about how they got to the island. 

Apparently, a creep named Lord Khan stuffed them in a sack and forced them to tell him where the seven treasures are. They also found a map, which HatBoy shows to ESB. They look at the map and see the locations of all of the treasures, to their surprise. 

USG falls into a pit where a giant is forcing BB and Tnee to massage his feet. USG rescues the mice and leaves, to the guy's dismay. He is revealed to be Lord Khan, mentioned earlier by HatBoy, and he is apparently "a Class-V dick." BB and Tnee reveal they have found the Nugget, and they all leave to get to ESB and the hats. They escape the island, and right after they do so, Chuck and Hoodums come out, just too late. The shadowy blob appears, and is not pleased with them, and the episode ends. 


A picture showing Virnax and his cronies saying "bad guys!"