Season 1 (2009)Edit

  1. "Meet the Little Kid" - A wacky, bratty 3-year-old causes mischief with his secretive older brother, Canadian half-brother, and illiterate, prepubescent father.
  2. "Pwip Goes to the Movies" - The Pwippersons go see a romance film on the big screen, but encounter trouble in the obnoxious ticket clerk and the vengeful janitorial staff.
  3. "Pwip vs. the Babysitter" - Dad leaves for the night and places Pwip, Stone, and No-Name under the guidance of a cynical teenage girl.
  4. "Poker Buddy, or Stone Goes to Woodamar" - With Pwip out of the picture, Dad attempts to branch out by playing poker with locals and Stone and No-Name attend a sweatshop-like camp run by a dwarf named Beana.
  5. "Pwip Invites His Friend Over" - Pwip has a playdate with a new friend - Jeremy, a Mohawked, cocaine-addicted 1-year-old.
  6. "Jeremy Throws a Fit" - While on another playdate, Pwip and Jeremy get into a scuffle.
  7. "Pwip Meets Obama" - After narrowly escaping a Neanderthal, the Pwippersons and Ferocious Olive go on a vacation to Washington, D.C. and Pwip meets the President himself. 
  8. "Pwip Says Goodbye" - Pwip realizes it's his final skit and gets upset, so the rest of the gang tries to cheer him up.

Season 2 (2010)Edit

  1. "Stone and No-Name Assist the Elderly" - Stone and No-Name are forced to look after their new neighbor, a senile old woman named Mrs. Bouvier, with the help of her hapless butler Charles.
  2. "Beana's Back" - While Mrs. Bouvier is visiting and Dad is at an undisclosed location, Beana returns and locks Stone and No-Name in the closet, and only Ferocious Olive and Brothy can save them.
  3. "Poker Buddy Returns, or Stone Goes to Juvie" - During a heat wave, Dad plays poker with Neddy and FPB, while Stone and No-Name go to a boot camp run by Beana's psychotic relative Milford.
  4. "An Allegory Containing Super Jario" - Stone, No-Name, and Dad camp out in front of GameHut the night before a video game is released, but the game gets banned.
  5. "The Great Canada Trip" - Stone takes the family to Canada for a week and they get into all sorts of mayhem, including abusing horses, reuniting with long-lost relatives, and flinging Canadian bacon at Dad. 
  6. "3rd Time's a Poker Buddy, or Stone Goes to Lock-Picking Camp" - No-Name finds himself doing chores for Dad and his poker buddies and runs into Beana, while Stone goes to Picky Steve's Lock-Picking Camp.
  7. "Happy Birthday No-Name" - Neddy, FPB, Dad, Charles, Jeremy, Ferocious Olive, and Beana make No-Name's birthday horrible. Elsewhere, Stone goes to Magical Steve's Magic Camp.
  8. "Stone and No-Name Go to an Amusement Park" - Mrs. Bouvier and Charles take the family (and Rock) to an amusement park, where Mrs. Bouvier rides her first rollercoaster and No-Name takes home a "stuffed animal."
  9. "Bunna!" - No-Name finds a "rabbit" and takes care of it with the help of Neddy, FPB, Mrs. Bouvier, and Charles; Dad goes to an "office party;" Stone and Rock go to yet another Steve camp.
  10. "The Returnage of Pwip" - The gang hunts for Pwip in the Arctic, and at home, Dad organizes a welcome home party where FPB gets spooked by a ghost story and Beana tries to kill No-Name... again.
  11. "Pwip Goes to Preschool" - Pwip and Jeremy wreak havoc at preschool and Pwip becomes arch-enemies with an even brattier kid; Dad plays poker with Neddy and FPB, who is still recovering from the ghost story.
  12. "No-Name and the Pwippycats" - Pwip and the gang form a band for a Battle of the Bands competition, judged by Beana and her cronies in disguise.
  13. "Pwip Becomes Marshmallow Boy: Part 1" - Pwip is picked to star in a commercial playing a marshmallow mascot, but lets the fame go to his head. Elsewhere, No-Name goes to a spa.
  14. "Pwip Becomes Marshmallow Boy: Part 2" - Pwip adopts a new upper-class persona after starring as Marshmallow Boy; Dad is stalked by a mime; No-Name has one last battle with Beana.
  15. "The End of Pwip... But Not Our Skits: Part 1" - Pwip goes into a coma once he sprains his buttocks, and the gang must go into his mind to save him. 
  16. "The End of Pwip... But Not Our Skits: Part 2" - No-Name and the gang go into Pwip's mind to try and defeat a mysterious enemy; Dad, not wanting to work, sits at home and watches TV.
  17. "Pwip's Early Years" - Video clips of No-Name's adoption, Pwip's birth, Pwip's first encounter with Jeremy, and more are shown. 
  18. "Pwip Goes to the Dentist" [UNRELEASED] - Pwip and Jeremy go to the dentist, where Pwip's dental hygienist is an attractive teenager and Jeremy's is Mrs. Bouvier. Meanwhile at home, Dad tries to learn how to read.