This article lists the worlds and bosses found in WolduWarriors, a series of four action-adventure games for the Nintendo Wii and Wii U platforms. 


  1. Woldumar Grounds [BOSS: Barnbeast]
  2. Paw Paw Loop [BOSS: Jerex]
  3. Prairie [BOSS: Camo]
  4. Lagoon [BOSS: Seasnake of Turtle Lagoon]
  5. Pine Forest [BOSS: Squinky, Blinky, and Charles]
  6. Woodland Pond [BOSS: Gargantua]
  7. Erosion Spot [BOSS: Mecha-Fish]
  8. Island of Water & Light [BOSS: Zoozs]
  9. Peninsula [BOSS: The 9th Boss]
  10. Negamar [BOSS: Dark Shadowbutt]

WolduWarriors 2Edit

  1. Woldumar Grounds [BOSS: The Oak Guardian]
  2. River Ridge Trail [BOSS: Shadow Sully]
  3. Hobo Home [BOSS: Sewer Turtle]
  4. Hooga Hooga Island [BOSS: Shadow Darak]
  5. Pine Forest [BOSS: Otil]
  6. Maple Beech Trail [BOSS: Leafer]
  7. Prairie [BOSS: Head Undergrunt]
  8. Lagoon and Grand River [BOSS: Beana]
  9. Hardwood Forest [BOSS: The 9th Boss]
  10. Shadi's Hideout [BOSS: Shadi / Shadowbutt]

WolduWarriors 3: Rise of the Triapodon KingEdit

  1. Woldumar Grounds [BOSS: Cagney]
  2. Hunter's Drain & River Ridge Trail [BOSS: Booger Boss]
  3. Hooga Hooga Island [BOSS: Beana]
  4. Prairie [BOSS: Agatha]
  5. Pine Forest [BOSS: Alfred Triapodon]
  6. Woodland Pond [BOSS: Mona]
  7. Hardwood Forest [BOSS: Camo]
  8. Peninsula & Maple Beech Trail [BOSS: Dave Boss]
  9. Negamar Revisited [BOSS: Triapodon King]

WolduWarriors 4: The Final ShowdownEdit

  1. Woldumar Grounds [BOSS: Justin]
  2. Hardwood Forest [BOSS: Rottington / Camper Swarm]
  3. Prairie & Pine Forest [BOSS: Chief Hoogan]
  4. Northern Lake [BOSS: Tentaclaw]
  5. Detroit [BOSS: Jerex]
  6. Metro Detroit [BOSS: Milford]
  7. Grand River [BOSS: Adi and Seasnake]
  8. Greenrock [BOSS: Justin / J-Bot]
  9. South Manitou Island [BOSS: Manitou Spirit]
  10. Fast Food Complex [BOSS: Beefed-Up Beana]

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