Gender Male
Age 12
Species Square
Occupation Adventurer, Butt-Kicker Extraordinaire
Relatives Ugly Square Guy (cousin), Evil Square Boy (cousin), Momma Square (aunt)
Introduced In "Resurrection"
Voiced by TBA
SquareBoy is a character in USG and ESB Adventures.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

SquareBoy is USG and ESB's cousin. He is somewhat violent, and significantly younger than USG and ESB. He usually carries a pitchfork. SquareBoy is a deeper shade of green than USG and ESB, and wears no hat. He is also shorter, and more of a square than a rectangle. His eyes are always closed, and he has a unibrow pointed upward, with a smug expression.


  • SquareBoy was made in 4th grade, but my friend made him.
  • SquareBoy appears in another series of comics where he is the main character, called "SquareBoy's Super Smash-Up." In those comics, he goes on missions to defeat George Bush and other Republican cronies.