WolduWarriors is the first installment in the series of the same name. It was produced by Nintendo and released for the Nintendo Wii system in 2009. A Nintendo 3DS port called WolduWarriors 3D was released in 2013.

The game revolves around four friends - Zeke, Will, Calvin, and Steven - who are attending their favorite summer camp, and are suddenly roped into saving the camp (as well as the world) from the evil Shadowbutt and his cronies.


Zeke, an 11-year-old camper at Woldumar Nature Center, wakes up on the first day of summer and excitedly prepares for the first week of camp. Quickly, he gets on his bike and begins pedaling off into the distance with his sister right behind him.

Chapter 1: Woldumar GroundsEdit

While on the bike trail to Woldumar, Zeke encounters a couple enemies as well as a chipmunk named Chips, who tells him that he's hungry and forces him to give him a berry. Zeke gives Chips a berry, and if not poisonous, Chips accepts the berry and tells Zeke he wants to join him on his quest, which causes Zeke to be confused as to what quest he's talking about. Zeke and Chips then come across a hooded figure on the side of the road, and after investigating the figure, his hood is thrown off and he begins cackling evilly, describing himself as the "evil lord Shadowbutt" and detailing the "overwhelming pain" that will soon come to Woldumar. He then disappears, and the two finally get to Woldumar.

After arriving, Zeke talks to Lena, the camp director, and notices that the mood of the camp seems to be frantic and panicked. Lena describes to Zeke that the WolduCoins, ancient artifacts sealed into the earth to help Woldumar continue to grow, have been going missing, with drastic effects on the wildlife and trails. Lena promises to give Zeke the first WolduCoin, the only one she still has, to help him save the nature center. Zeke seems hesitant to embark on such a huge quest, but then reunites with his enthusiastic friend Will, who convinces Zeke to do the quest with him. Lena gives the two the first WolduCoin. Zeke and Will reacquaint themselves with the other campers and then take a tour of the Woldumar grounds. While walking back from the Pavilion, Lena, Will and Zeke witness another friend, Calvin, run into a tree and crumple onto the ground, unconscious. A panicked Lena makes Zeke and Will find a potion from under the Pavilion, and they bring it back to Calvin after running into a few enemies. Calvin is revived and becomes the third playable character. After doing a few more errands for Lena, Will accidentally presses a button on the side of the barn, triggering its defense system, which has been tampered with by a mysterious force. The three boys defeat the Barnbeast, and the barn returns to its normal form.

Shadowbutt is shown plotting at an unknown location with his cronies: Cagney, a Berryboy who speaks like a 1920's mobster and loves cigars; Adi, a bratty girl who occasionally transforms into a gargantuan pig, and Camo, a childish shapeshifting creature. Cagney questions Shadowbutt's motives, and Shadowbutt silences him and then calls an unknown being on his cell phone to hinder the WolduWarriors at their next location.

Chapter 2: Paw Paw LoopEdit

Lena informs the boys that the closest WolduCoin may be located in the Paw Paw Loop. Before Zeke, Will, and Calvin can head out to their next destination, Cagney appears in the barn and delivers a message from Shadowbutt - that he is also trying to take all the WolduCoins, and once he does, Woldumar will be destroyed and replaced with his empire. The boys rush out to the Paw Paw Loop, and run into a blind squirrel from the Visitor Center named Sully, who joins them on their quest. At the Loop, a counselor named Greg and his group are playing a game, but one of his campers is Adi, disguised as her human self. Greg inadvertently angers Adi, and she turns into her pig form, which prompts the three boys to try and defeat her. Adi disappears, and the other campers run away in fear, leaving Greg alone with the boys. A confused boy named Steven then appears; the boys instantly recognize him and he excitedly joins their group. After picking some paw paws, the four come up with the team name "WolduWarriors," but Greg interrupts their bonding moment to tell them that he's in the mood for hunting Hooga Hoogas, strange, colorful, humanoid creatures who mill about the trails of Woldumar and were believed to be a camp myth. Soon after Greg gets out a tranquilizer gun, a lanky orange Hooga Hooga named Jarl appears and warns the WolduWarriors that Jerex, a powerful four-armed Hooga Hooga, is rampaging around the forest. Steven and Jarl immediately bond over cheese sandwiches, but the boys are swarmed by Hooga Hoogas and, once clearing them all out, are forced to fight Jerex. Once defeated, Jerex drops the second WolduCoin, sending the WolduWarriors back to the Barn.

Meanwhile, Jarl is shown in his hideout chatting with Joe, a burly red Hooga Hooga. The two discuss Shadowbutt's reign of terror, working out, and the fact that a female Hooga Hooga by the name of Jixx has recently gone missing.

Chapter 3: PrairieEdit

The heroes find out that the next WolduCoin is found in the Prairie, a vast, grassy, and hot area in the middle of the woods. As soon as they get to the Prairie, they notice that the entire area is strangely dark - they then meet Jonathan, a CIT tasked with keeping watch over the Rainbowberry Tree. He informs them that the five Rainbowberries that give light to the Prairie have been stolen and scattered around the area. He reveals that he has the fourth WolduCoin, and will give it to the WolduWarriors if they retrieve the Rainbowberries. The WolduWarriors head to Bob's Fort, a maze of rooms located underground, and meet a weasel named Willy who joins their team. Two of Jerex's Hooga Hooga henchmen named Hibbs and Hobbes appear and fight the WolduWarriors, but are quickly defeated and give up the first Rainbowberry. The second berry is in possession of the counselor Miguel (or Lito), who makes Calvin race him to the entrance to the Pine Forest and back, and gives him the Rainbowberry once beaten. Lito shows the WolduWarriors a secret spot near the wetlands of the Prairie, where they explore in the wetland pond and find the third Rainbowberry hidden in a treasure chest at the bottom of the pond. After finding the fourth Rainbowberry at the top of a tall tree with the help of Sully, Jonathan gives the boys a key to the throne room of Bob's Fort. The four navigate their way through the rest of Bob's Fort and meet Shadowbutt's henchman Camo, a strange, orb-shaped, shapeshifting creature. The WolduWarriors defeat Camo after a long and challenging battle, and he reluctantly gives up the final berry. The five berries are returned to Jonathan, who plants them on the ground, creating a towering Rainbowberry tree which completely illuminates the Prairie. Jonathan thanks the four heroes and gives them the third WolduCoin, then tells them to go to a large lagoon on the other side of the trails to find the next coin.

Shadowbutt is then shown with his minions, and a defeated-looking Camo appears, much to Shadowbutt's dismay. Cagney suggests that he bring out the "heavy artillery," which prompts Shadowbutt to hold up a large potion and cackle evilly. He then sends Adi, in her human form, to go spy on the groups for him, and contacts a troop of Berryboys to ambush the barn.

Chapter 4: Turtle LagoonEdit

Upon arriving to the Lagoon, the WolduWarriors realize that they need swimsuits (and Calvin needs water wings), so they return to the grounds quickly and consult Lena. who provides them with swimsuits. They run into a counselor and her group, which contains Adi, and try to warn her but to no avail. At the Lagoon, the boys go swimming and meet Smiley the Blanding's Turtle, one of the residents of Woldumar's animal room, hiding in the water. Smiley reveals that his shell was stolen when he went out for a swim, and the four dive underwater into the fish's domain to find the culprit. One of the fish tells them that a "big pink thing" has stolen Smiley's shell, and as soon as they surface above the water, they are, sure enough, attacked by Adi and her small Adling minions. After defeating Adi on the water, the boys bring Smiley shell back to him and he joins their party, proving to be a useful tool for swimming. Soon after the four explore some more, the water in the Lagoon turns a sickly purple color, and a counselor named Alex explains that the lake has been poisoned. Alex helps the WolduWarriors find the cause of the water poisoning, and they find a metal contraption at the bottom of the Lagoon that is leaking out poisonous scum. After getting rid of the scum, the WolduWarriors are attacked by the enormous Seasnake of Turtle Lagoon, who proceeds to try to destroy the fish's castles. The snake is defeated, and the fourth WolduCoin appears from its remains.

The WolduWarriors head back to the grounds, right into a battle between the campers and a horde of Berryboys. The battle seems hopeless until Joe the Hooga Hooga appears, delivering a strike to the Berryboys which causes them to flee. After accidentally terrifying some campers, Joe disappears.

Shadowbutt is then shown wandering the forests of Woldumar with Cagney. He comes across a group of Triapodons, strange creatures with blades for arms, and convinces them to join his army through hypnotism. Despite being in an age-old feud with the Hooga Hoogas, the Triapodons happily become henchmen of Shadowbutt.

Chapter 5: Pine ForestEdit

The four boys head to the Pine Forest, a shady and peaceful area right near the Prairie. As soon as they set foot into the forest, shadowy figures swoop down from the trees and abduct Calvin, much to the others' shock. Hibbs and Hobbes soon appear, eating fast food, and are fought by the WolduWarriors, who believe that they were the culprits. Right then, a fox named Foxy appears without much of an introduction and casually helps the boys defeat the Hooga Hoogas, joining their party after they have finished. Once defeated, the two insist that they did not kidnap Calvin, so the three remaining heroes head to the glen in the middle of the forest, where the counselor Forrest is chilling with a camper named Reuben. Forrest explains that Triapodons have suddenly overrun the forest, and Zeke, Will, and Steven play a game of "Thicket" with him to clear off the enemies. He and Reuben both agree to help the three find Calvin, and Reuben leads them to the Low Ropes Course, where there are a variety of complicated obstacles for the boys to overcome. While attempting to traverse a particularly hard section of the course, Will falls onto a tree, which accidentally opens up a secret hideout of Forrest's. There, Forrest, accompanied by Ethan, helps the boys track enemies with his computer radar. A group of campers appears, and the WolduWarriors take the time to carefully interrogate each camper and look for clues. They find nothing, and nobody admits to being the abductor of Calvin, but they then see a TriapodonWii™ propped up against a tree. Using the TriapodonWii™'s built-in GPS system and Foxy's excellent sense of smell, the heroes are led to a clearing where they are ambushed by Squinky, Blinky, and Charles, the three Triapodon brothers, and see Calvin tied up and hanging from a tall pine tree. The three defeat the Triapodons, who quickly snap out of their trance and explain that they're actually friendly creatures who are happy to help the WolduWarriors out, and were just hypnotized by Shadowbutt. They casually give the fifth WolduCoin to the WolduWarriors, who then reunite with Calvin, and the Triapodons lead them to the Pond, the next destination. Soon after they drop the Warriors off, the three Triapodons charge at a nearby Shadowbutt and fling him into the Pond.

Later, a wet, angry Shadowbutt is shown emerging from the mucky waters of the Pond, accompanied by Cagney with snorkeling gear. He hoists himself up onto shore and then notices a frog stuck to his back. Shadowbutt takes out his large potion and drops some liquid onto the frog, who instantly grows to a massive size. The frog roars, and Shadowbutt guffaws evilly.

Chapter 6: Woodland PondEdit

The Triapodons drop the four boys off at the Woodland Pond, the location of the next WolduCoin. Very soon after arriving and having a run-in with Elite Berryboys, the boys encounter a morbidly obese yellow Hooga Hooga blocking the path to the docks. After introducing himself as Mo, he mourns the fact that he has "let himself go," and needs them to bring him a frog named Jumps, who is his fitness coach, to help him get back into shape. The WolduWarriors equip their swimming gear once again and dive into the pond, where they encounter Jumps' dad and three siblings before finding Jumps himself. Once Jumps is retrieved, Mo gives him to the boys as a prize, and Jumps officially becomes a member of the team, while Mo starts his workout routine by himself. After navigating the area with the help of the frog's Super Jump, the four meet a counselor named Stephaney, whose campers have vanished. The WolduWarriors get nets and begin pond dipping, catching a variety of insects, and inadvertently summon the hulking Duckweed Sloth, who is holding the campers in his claws. The Sloth promises to give up the campers if the WolduWarriors catch his babies, which they do, and he then forces them to answer trivia, which they do as well. The boys vanquish the Duckweed Sloth once all trivia questions are answered correctly, and after an optional fight, are forced to go on another fetch quest: find Stephaney's phone, which is stuck in the marshes. While looking for the phone, the forest begins to shake and trees start to gradually get destroyed, which causes the WolduWarriors to panic and attempt to see what's going on. Mo then runs into the four once again, and explains that a massive frog named Gargantua is terrorizing the area. The WolduWarriors and Mo attempt to take shelter, but Gargantua surfaces from the pond and attacks the five. Mo attempts to create a diversion so Gargantua can be distracted, but fails, forcing the Warriors to take matters into their own hands. The boys defeat Gargantua, who shrinks back into the size he was before he came into contact with Shadowbutt's potion, and also coughs up the sixth WolduCoin. Mo bids farewell to the guys, and they then travel back to the grounds to show Lena their new WolduCoin.

Reuben is then shown relaxing at a previously unseen, coastal part of Woldumar - however, he is quickly ambushed by Shadowbutt, who creates a vortex of darkness which surrounds Reuben.

Chapter 7: Erosion SpotEdit

The WolduWarriors head to the sunny Erosion Spot, the location of the next WolduCoin. Shortly after they arrive, they are greeted by Joe the Hooga Hooga, who formally introduces himself and lets the four boys train with him, unlocking powerful new moves. The boys then run into Zeke's sister Olive and her two small friends, who have decided to call themselves the "WolduWarriors Junior" and are trying to solve a mystery. They warn the four about a large, scary thing up ahead, then leave. The boys are then confronted by the large, scary thing, which is none other than Adi, accompanied by Air Adlings. Adi is defeated for the third time, and a counselor named Sarah appears and lets the four go fishing with her. After they catch some fish, Sarah tells the WolduWarriors that a "Hciw Dnas" was looking for them, and he headed to the Trail of No Return, a dangerous trail very close to the rushing Grand River which campers have gone on and never returned from. The boys head onto the trail, and face more powerful "Shadow" versions of regular enemies as well as the elusive Shellbutts. After getting to the end of the trail, the four meet the "Hciw Dnas" - who is actually Reuben, who has been turned into a talking sandwich by Shadowbutt. Reuben talks to the guys, and explains that he has found new data about the next WolduCoin - it is in the mouth of a massive, robotic fish lurking around the Erosion Spot. The conversation is interrupted by Cagney, who ambushes the WolduWarriors and attempts to fight them, but is quickly dispatched of. The boys and Reuben then head back to the Erosion Spot after surviving more traps on the trail, and try to summon the robotic fish with the help of Joe and the WolduWarriors Junior. Eventually, the fish jumps out of the water and is fought by the boys. After a long fight, the fish explodes, and the explosion hurls the boys (as well as the WolduCoin) into the air and onto a nearby island, where the WolduCoin falls on the other side of.

Cagney is shown looking at the explosion with binoculars, with Shadowbutt right next to him. He remarks that that wasn't supposed to happen, but Shadowbutt tells him to go and continue to sabotage the WolduWarriors. Cagney lights a cigar and reluctantly swims to the island.

Chapter 8: Island of Water and LightEdit

The WolduWarriors crash-land onto the island, which is a vast expanse owned by the Board of Water and Light. Before they can even explore their surroundings, they are attacked by WolduKnights - strange, short people in pink suits of armor. The knights tell the boys that no trespassing is allowed on the island without permission, and they must leave at once. After a short fight, the four continue on and search the island for clues, going through a small prairie, a grove of pine trees, and a small wetland that leads to the Grand River. At the wetland, they run into a scraggly-looking woman named Dani, who was once a counselor until she got stranded on the island. With the WolduWarriors' help, Dani is able to pilot her canoe back to the Erosion Spot, where Sarah takes her back to the Woldumar grounds. The four then get through another small forest and end up inside a small rest area-like building. After the boys are welcomed by some strangely benevolent WolduKnights, a large bearded man wearing a robe appears and describes himself as Zoozs, the ruler of the WolduKnights and the head of the Island of Water and Light. He claims that the WolduWarriors must leave at once, then fights them and is quickly defeated. He explodes, and is revealed to be Cagney in a mechanical suit, while the WolduKnights take off their helmets and are revealed to be Berryboys, Hooga Hooga grunts, and brainwashed campers. Cagney reluctantly gives up the seventh WolduCoin, and the island then disappears, bringing the confused WolduWarriors back to the barn. Lena describes that the final WolduCoin is located at the camp's peninsula, a treacherous place filled with poison ivy and dangerous wildlife.

Cagney hurries back to Shadowbutt and apologizes for the inconvenience. An enraged Shadowbutt, who is meeting with Adi, Camo, and other minions, plans an attack to take over Woldumar once and for all.

Chapter 9: PeninsulaEdit

The sweaty and worn-out WolduWarriors head to the Peninsula, where they reunite with the WolduWarriors Junior, who are in a tough pickle because Zoe is stuck in poison ivy. Kevin, Lena's second-in-command, runs into the boys while on one of his trapping excursions, and after the Poison-Proof Boots are retrieved, he helps them clear the paths of poison ivy so the girls can get through. He then explains that the Peninsula has been in limbo lately, with Berryboy invasions and strange rumbling noises. The four boys explore the area, running into a variety of tough traps placed by Shadowbutt's minions. Kevin then stops them and tells them he wants to play a round of Sardines in a Can, and Will hides. The other three roam around the forest but find no trace of Will, eventually finding him tied to a tree and surrounded by Hooga Hooga soldiers, including Hibbs and Hobbes, who are quickly dispatched of. The WolduWarriors hear a cry for help, and notice Stu, the crime-fighting woodchuck from the Visitor Center, who is trapped in green muck and whose magical cape has disappeared. The boys dive into the body of water surrounding the Peninsula and find a large alligator, which has eaten the cape. The alligator gives up the cape, and Stu thanks the boys by joining their team. Using the abilities of Stu and the other Animal Friends, the four navigate throughout the remaining parts of the Peninsula, and catch Shadowbutt plotting in one of the areas. Shadowbutt is pursued through the woods, and once cornered, he says cryptic things and disappears, but not before playing a set of panpipes and summoning something. A gigantic dragon suddenly swoops overhead and begins speaking in Shakespearean English before attacking the WolduWarriors. After a long fight, the boys and Stu defeat the beast, who coughs up a cloud of smoke and suddenly begins talking in a much more friendly, laid-back tone. He introduces himself as The 9th Boss and says he's a friend of the Triapodons, and then happily gives the WolduWarriors the final WolduCoin.

The WolduWarriors head back to the barn and gather all eight WolduCoins. They begin to hover in a circle above the heads of the boys, and start pulsating light throughout the area. Shadowbutt swoops in with Cagney resting on his shoulders, and shoots beams of dark energy from his hands. The energy grabs the WolduCoins and returns them to his hands, and he creates a massive void in the sky which then sucks up the WolduWarriors - as well as surrounding campgoers like the counselors, Animal Friends, and Hooga Hoogas - and hurls them into the void.

Chapter 10: NegamarEdit

Will wakes up in an empty field that resembles the Woldumar grounds, but with a much darker color scheme. After reuniting with Chips, they realize that they are in an alternate dimension where Shadowbutt has taken control of Woldumar. While exploring the barn, which is in its Barnbeast form, Will runs into sinister-looking clones of all the campers as well as an obese dwarf named Beana, who is the camp director of Negamar. Will has a brief skirmish with his own evil clone, Lliw, but he manages to win and escape with Chips. Before fading out of existence, Lliw spills the information that Shadowbutt's lair is in the deepest part of the Negamar woods. After navigating through deadly puzzles on the trails, Will runs into Steven at the entrance to the Prairie, where the air has become perpetually dark. The two use their combined powers to continue through the dungeon and are confronted by Adi at the bridge to the Pine Forest. Despite Adi's newfound strength, they overpower her and continue onto the Pine Forest where they see Calvin, tied up and being held hostage by three Shadow Triapodons. Will and Steven dispose of the Triapodons, and thanks to Calvin's agility, get through a tree fort in the Pine Forest. There they find Camo, who once again wants to battle, but in a 1-on-1 brawl against Calvin. Calvin emerges victorious, and the three meet up with Zeke at the edge of the Erosion Spot after an onslaught of enemies. Thanks to Smiley's shell powers, they navigate a water puzzle and are confronted by an army of Hooga Hooga soldiers as they draw closer to Shadowbutt's lair. A beaten-up Jerex, somehow still alive, commands the soldiers to get rid of the WolduWarriors, but after an extensive battle with random campers and friends coming out of the woodwork to help the boys, the enemy Hooga Hoogas are defeated. The boys then approach what looks like a small void, and realize that Shadowbutt's lair is up ahead. He appears in front of them, and with perfect timing, The 9th Boss appears as well and the boys ride on him to corner Shadowbutt at the edge of Negamar.

The WolduWarriors confront Shadowbutt, who is sitting on a shadowy throne with Cagney resting on his shoulder and smoking a cigar. He immediately goes into battle, and is shockingly defeated quickly - but his efforts are far from over, as he harnesses the power of the stolen WolduCoins to buff himself up and turn into an invincible form. The four try to defeat him but cannot put a single dent in his new armor. Just as it seems like the WolduWarriors have no hope of winning, a beam of light appears and from it emerges Joe, Jarl, and Mo, as well as a female Hooga Hooga who is obviously Jixx. The four Hooga Hoogas shoot the light beam at Shadowbutt, removing his invincibility and starting the final phase of the boss battle. After a lengthy fight, Shadowbutt pauses in mid-air, lets out a croak, and turns into a small bug, vanishing in a poof. The void expands once again then shrivels up, and with a pop, everyone is transported back to Woldumar and the WolduCoins are in safe hands at last. Lena tells the WolduWarriors that their parents have arrived to pick them up, as it's the end of the week, and they depart the nature center and drive off into the sunset.


One month later, the WolduWarriors are back in school, and each of them come home to see a newsletter in the mail written by Lena. She describes how everyone at the nature center is doing well and the natural balance of things has been put back into place. All the Animal Friends have returned to the trails and are living peaceful lives. The Hooga Hoogas are ecstatic over Jixx's return - she and Joe are going out, Joe's father Darak has succeeded Jerex and become the rightful leader of the Hooga Hoogas, Mo has successfully gotten back into shape, and Jarl is creating a recipe for the ultimate grilled cheese sandwich. Reuben is no longer a sandwich, and is chilling at home with his family. Adi has been grounded by her parents, who promise serious consequences if she turns back into her pig form. The Triapodons, who have mended fences with the Hooga Hoogas and created a peace treaty, are in a band with the 9th Boss. And last but not least, Cagney is being forced into community service and repairing the trails from all the damage that has been done, but admits that he is tired of evildoing anyway. Lena tells the WolduWarriors that they are welcome back at Woldumar at any time, and hopes they have a good school year.


Playable CharactersEdit

  • Zeke - The default character, with an all-around skillset. Zeke is a slightly dorky, excitable boy with a massive head of luscious hair who has been going to Woldumar summer camps for as long as he can remember. His signature attack, "Orange Croc Crunchdown," can be unlocked by training with Joe.
  • Calvin - Zeke's good friend, a short fellow who's very into video games, talking loudly, and talking loudly about video games. Due to his small, slim stature, he's easily the speediest of the bunch but can't take as many hits. His signature attack is called "Crazy Cool Kick."
  • Will - Another friend of the boys, Will is a rather enthusiastic blonde camper who may be the youngest but is also the most tanky of the bunch, being able to dish out and take hits very easily. His signature attack is called "Wiiiiilson's Pawnch."
  • Steven - The fourth and final WolduWarrior, who is an odd, quiet boy who seems to be obsessed with cheese sandwiches and is generally detached from everything. His attacks are the most unpredictable out of the four, but also cause the most damage. His signature attack is called "Grilled Cheese Griller."

Animal FriendsEdit

  • Chips - A chipmunk who Zeke meets on his way to Woldumar. Chips' Tattle ability can reveal new details about your surroundings and how to progress in the game.
  • Sully - A blind squirrel who lives in the Visitor Center. With his power, the WolduWarriors can climb up tall trees and reach new heights.
  • Willy - A savvy weasel who's found in the Prairie, Willy can suck the boys underground, which allows them to move under obstacles and eavesdrop on important conversations.
  • Smiley - A happy Blanding's turtle who hangs out by the Lagoon, Smiley's shell can be used as a ride, a projectile to throw at breakable items, and a speed boost while swimming underwater.
  • Foxy - A flirtatious red fox who has a rivalry with Hibbs and Hobbes, the Hooga Hoogas. Foxy's excellent sense of smell can be used to sniff out hidden items and pathways. 
  • Jumps - A bullfrog who lives by the Pond with his family and was Mo's former fitness coach. His Super Jump ability allows the WolduWarriors to hop on lilypads and bridge dangerous gaps.
  • Stu - The final Friend to be unlocked in the main storyline, Stu is a crime-fighting woodchuck who can use his Barrel Roll ability to knock through barriers and defeat powerful enemies.


  • Reuben - A friend of the WolduWarriors, who's a stoic, dry musician type. After being cursed by Shadowbutt, he is transformed into his namesake: a sandwich. 
  • WolduWarriors Jr. - Zeke's sister, Olive, and her two quiet, mildly sycophantic friends Adeline and Zoe. They try to go on their own mini-quests to measure up to the WolduWarriors, but often end up getting into trouble.
  • Jonathan - A CIT who hangs out at the barn, and is also tasked with keeping watch over the Rainbowberry Trees in the Prairie.
  • Lena - The Camp Director of Woldumar. In addition to welcoming campers to the nature center, she's the most knowledgeable person there and guides the WolduWarriors through their quest.
  • Ethan - A counselor who sets up shops in various parts of Woldumar, with a variety of helpful items on sale.
  • Kevin - Lena's second-in-command, who's less agreeable and more offbeat. He's found lurking in the Peninsula, on a hunting and trapping excursion.
  • Miguel - Also known as Lito, he's the fastest counselor and revered as a sort of memetic deity. His favorite thing to do is challenge the WolduWarriors to races. 
  • Joe - A strong, masculine red Hooga Hooga who hangs around the trails and helps the WolduWarriors train. His girlfriend is Jixx, but after her mysterious disappearance, his manly veneer is starting to slip. 
  • Jarl - A wimpy, lanky orange Hooga Hooga who often associates with Joe, but is the antithesis of all his traits. He's madly in love with Jixx, which causes rifts between him and Joe, and also a big fan of cheese sandwiches.
  • Mo - A young, peppy yellow Hooga Hooga who was once the strongest of them all, but has since "let himself go." With the help of Jumps, his fitness coach, the WolduWarriors train him back up.
  • Jixx - A snarky, athletic green Hooga Hooga who casually vanishes prior to the events of the game. Her potential return seems to be the only thing that can bring the Hooga Hoogas together...
  • Triapodons - Strange blue creatures with blades for arms, the Triapodons were involved in a centuries-old feud with the Hooga Hoogas and have brainwashed by Shadowbutt. Three brothers, Squinky, Blinky, and Charles, are the most prominent of the group, but are often seen arguing. 
  • The 9th Boss - Also known as N.B., The 9th Boss is a massive purple dragon who has also been brainwashed by Shadowbutt, but is generally a peaceful, friendly creature. 
  • Mort, the Keeper of the Ort - A helpful metal character who hangs around the Barn. Trash found on the trails can be exchanged with Mort for top-quality prizes. 


  • Shadowbutt - The unfortunately-named dark lord who schemes to take over Woldumar. Very little of Shadowbutt's past is unknown, but his obsession with bringing Woldumar down is a product of his own selfishness. Although he spends most of his time surrounded by cronies, he's a capable fighter in his own right.
  • Cagney - Shadowbutt's second-in-command. Cagney is an orange Berryboy who's constantly smoking cigars and speaks in a 1920s mobster accent. Although never fought in-game, he's the most sly of the henchmen.
  • Adi - A bratty, overweight female camper who, when provoked, can turn into a monstrous pig demon. Due to being only 7 years old, Adi is mostly brute force as opposed to brainpower. 
  • Camo - An odd creature whose default appearance is a floating green camouflaged orb with a mischievous grin. Camo can turn invisible and blend into his surroundings, but is even more childish than Adi.
  • Hibbs and Hobbes - Two bumbling Hooga Hooga henchmen, always fighting with each other yet always together. Hibbs is skinny, hotheaded, and has an overinflated ego, while Hobbes is more dumb muscle. 
  • Jerex - An outcasted Hooga Hooga with four arms who has declared himself the de facto leader of the tribe. He has a cantankerous personality and is despised by Joe's crew.
  • Beana - Lena's evil twin, who is the head of Negamar. While Lena is tall, thin, and inoffensive, Beana is a tiny yet morbidly obese person who's loud and crass. 
  • Lliw - Will's evil twin, and one of the campers at Negamar. Shortly after Will arrives, the two get into a brief spat.
  • Duckweed Sloth - A monstrous entity that lurks at the bottom of the Woodland Pond and preys on children. Despite having evil motives, he is extremely protective of his babies, and refuses to align with Shadowbutt.